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Spanish word puta means

No más exá menes, jamás!
He had not realised the word was the same in Italian, so of course the service only got worse!Lo pasamos de puta madre #cojonudo #puta #dabuti #guay #carajo by Kiko Gold November 22, 2006 puta madre unknown The Peruvian style (mostly in the south) of expressing anger or disbelief.Puta is used here as a word to add emphasisso the sentence really means: he/she was so damned lucky again.Estudiante : Ese puta madre.I meant no harm by what I said no lo dije con mala intención he meant no offence no tenía intención de ofender a nadie he means well tiene buenas intenciones.Such as: Me cago en la puta!You left me without any damned money.No more exams, ever!).The masculine form of puta used in the same way, but since duro is a masculine word, puto is used instead.However, this is a poor direct translation.Or even a double-faced person who acts with evil intent.
No lo dirás en serio!; I mean it va en serio (intend) to mean to do sth pensar hacer algo; what do you mean to do?
Dont use them unless you are absolutely certain of the people you are with, and even then be careful.
For cultural reasons puta can madura putona entrega la cola en casting be a very offensive word, though of course its register depends on how and with whom you use.Teacher, you're the coolest ever!) #la puta madre #mother bitch #the bomb #the shit #cool by itxaro, september 17, 2006 puta madre unknown, mujeres solteras buscando pareja en dallas all over, spain, " de puta madre " means extremely good, appealing, desirable.Hay un examen hoy!(She totally/completely ignored.).Literally means I poop on the prostitute.It can be used in its adjectival form and inserted with other words as an intensifier.Even native speakers can cause offense, so non-natives are usually better off just avoiding them.In the north of Spain, if the article "la" (meaning "the is added to the beginning of the phrase la puta madre it becomes a high compliment meaning that something is the coolest of its kind (similar to calling it the bomb, or the shit.).

Profesor, eres la puta madre!
However, this word is a bit more complex than that because in Spanish you can make other interesting  and obscene sentences.