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Puta verga meaning in english

Gilipollas is also a very old sport of the 17th and 18th centuries, invented by the Greeks in Spain.
Hundir (lit.: to sink)refers exclusively to heterosexual intercourse.
It can also be used to mean bullshit, stupidity or anything trifling.
Picar (lit: to sting)a metaphor for the insertion of the penis.Déjate/dejémonos de hostias would mean just cut the crap or dont waste your time.She often uses it when she reaches (presumed) orgasm.But better translated as I shit on the fucking Virgin!).Me cago en put put boat Dios (I shit on God Me cago en la cita a ciegas pelicula audio latino Virgen (I shit on the Virgin chicas guarras gratis Me cago en la hostia (I shit on the communion host Me cago en tu madre (I take a shit on your mother Cágate en tu madre.Fundío refers literally to the anus and is not used as a personal insult.May translate to What an annoyance!).It can also mean depressed in some contexts (Está cagado porque la polola lo pateó.However, in Mexico and in Chile estar hecho mierda means to be very exhausted.Al peo (in a farty fashion)used in Chile to express something done poorly or in a careless manner.
Compare ciboire and câlice in Quebec profanity.It can be used as a less offensive substitute for cabrón when used among close friends.EditPinche Pinche has different meanings In Spain, it mainly means a restaurant chef assistant or a kitchen helper who helps cook the food and clean the utensils.The algae is preserved by sun-drying.Zorra (lit.: female zorro (fox)used in Chile Differences in regional Spanish can sometimes produce awkward situations in communication between two Spanish speakers of different countries, but such differences are usually known internationally and taken humorously, although some can cause awkward confusions.Jue puta is short of hijo de puta, which means son of a bitch.

In Mexico, is has another meaning to create false hopes or to hallucinate.